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Brandt Immigration

"My Immigration Law Firm has been using LiveHelpNow for 6 months and I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate we are to have found them. The service enables us to provide exceptional customer support in realtime to our clients all over the world. It also provides us with a quality tool for analytics and in fact we routinely rely on this data over Google Analytics or Adobe's Business Catalyst System reporting tools. The support staff is also extremely helpful and will provide realtime help solutions if needed on their platform. I wholeheartedly recommend their services and would be lost without their suite of tools."

Chad Brandt, Founding Attorney -
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Final Draft

"We recently switched to LiveHelpNow for our email, chat and knowledge base service. We were immediately impressed by two things: One, how much out-of-the-box functionality they provide for such a reasonable price and two, how eager they are to help. The package is powerful, extensible, easy to use and customizable and the staff are smart, friendly and professional. It’s gratifying to ask LHN for a new tool and see it in the application a short time later, ready for use, intelligently designed and implemented. With the two other companies we’ve used for email/chat/kb I got used to hearing either "sorry, the app can’t do that” or "we can build that for you, it’ll be $5K.” Now I’m used to hearing either "sure, it can do that” or "we can build that but it’ll take a few days.” It’s as though LHN is custom-built just for us. It has everything we need; much of what we want is on the way. Between the quality of the package and the enthusiasm of the people behind it, I feel like the sky’s the limit with this company."

Joel Levin, Vice President, Technical Support -
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"Our business has been using live help now for approximately 6 months now. I have seen other businesses use Chat on their websites and wanted to give it a try. We are so impressed with how simple it was to install within our website and the amount of information available. We were shocked when we started seeing results immediately. It started out fairly slow, however as the weeks continued, so did our chat sessions with customers. We now have reps from our company monitoring the Chats after hours as well. The analytics are also amazing. You can see how many people are on your website browsing real time, and you can also see search terms of how they found you to begin with. We highly recommend LiveHelpNow and their services. "

Tammy Smith, Vice President -
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Southern Adventist University

"We started the trial period a little over 2.5 months ago and by the end we were sold on the benefits. We started off with only the chat feature, but have started using the ticket and knowledgebase for added value. We’ve always wondered if people that were on our website were calling in with questions. With LiveHelpNow on each page they can quickly ask those simple questions without having to pick up the phone. We have recommended LiveHelpNow to other departments on our campus and they are now using LiveChat on their website. In our research, we couldn’t find anything that was even close to the price to service ratio. LiveHelpNow’s price is such that I don’t know why anybody would choose another system. It has all the features we needed, has been reliable, and the services have been outstanding. "

Ryan Herman, Assistant Director Enrollment Services -
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Florida Keys

"Integrating LiveHelpNow's Chat System with the Knowledge Base and Callback System has dramatically improved the efficiency of our outreach efforts. By giving our agents access to all of our company information at a moment’s notice they are able to answer client inquiries quickly and accurately, so that users can research and book accommodations in the Florida Keys as smoothly as possible. Additionally, LiveHelpNow has allowed us to give our clients the option of speaking to a live operator through the Callback System as well as chatting with an operator in real time, which keeps all of our customers satisfied."

Clinton Barras, Director of Sales and Marketing -
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Baby Super Mall

"Integrating the Live Chat System into our website has allowed us to better serve our customers by speaking to them directly, in real-time. Any customer inquiries or issues can be resolved almost instantly by a live operator, and installing and customizing the chat window couldn't have been easier. Using Live Chat has also increased our company's bottom line by allowing us to assist customers much like a salesperson would do physically in a store. We would recommend LiveHelpNow software to any e-commerce site!"

Robert Meier, President -
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MM Tool Parts

"Live Help Now has given our business the opportunity to reach out to customers that we couldn’t reach before. We can now communicate with our online users in a more efficient and more personal way. That is an invaluable resource to us. deals with thousands of power tool parts and it can be difficult for many users to navigate that inventory or to know just which part they need. Live Help Now has allowed us to speak directly with these users exactly when they need help. Our customers are happy, we're happy with the Live Help tool, and we're really happy with the results. Nearly all of our Live Help inquiries result in sales and we have many customers that regularly return to the chat. It's a great way to communicate with customers and great way to convert first-time visitors into regular users. Live Help Now allows you to track chats and visitors, to send messages directly to specific visitors, to email or review chat transcripts, and allows you to handle more than one chat at a time. It enables visitors to leave messages if operators are busy or offline and helps operators keep their customer service goals achievable and organized. This ensures no customers (nor sales) fall through the cracks. Ultimately, Live Help Now offers great customer support, the tool is easy to use, and it's helped us to grow both our sales and our relationship with our online community. It's been a great resource and we'd recommend it to anyone looking to improve their online busine"

Mallory Kramer, Customer Service Representative -
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California State University, Fresno

"LiveHelpNow provides many features that our former chat system didn't have. We are responsible for student recruitment and making ourselves accessible in more than just one way has really increased our level of customer service. I really like the reporting capabilities that LiveHelpNow offers. The ability for students to create tickets when we are offline is a big plus as well. Also, the "Knowledge" feature serves as a great resource for frequently asked questions we receive. Most importantly, I love the customer service that the company provides. There's never been a time when my questions were not answered."

Counselor, Phong Yang -
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PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery

"As a CFO/COO of a large company in the medical health industry, we have employed LiveHelpNow's Chat Service on many of our websites. Since employing their software, I have managed to lower my support costs while still maintaining a happy, strong client base. The software is simple, yet powerful, and I can see how my customer service agents interact with our client base in real time. I also like the data supplied in the reports and the onscreen client info. I would absolutely recommend this software and am truly pleased with the results I have seen."

John E. Waterman, CFO/COO -
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V-Rooms Virtual Data Rooms

"V-Rooms is an Internet-based, on-demand document management, document repository and file hosting service designed to speed the completion of financial transactions. Since installing the LiveHelpNow Chat System on our website, we have noticed a dramatic uptick in the number of new sales leads who reach out to us for more information. The navigation history information helps our sales reps anticipate questions based on the pages the prospect visited. On the customer service side of the business, simple technical support questions can now be answered quickly through LiveHelpNow and do not require a phone call. These features are extremely important to us as we are a small business needing to operate efficiently with limited staff. We would absolutely recommend this chat system to any business who is looking to make its customers a true priority."

Jesse Placencia, Marketing Coordinator -
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"LiveHelpNow’s live chat system has enhanced the way that our company handles customer service. We can connect with our customers in an instant, all while learning more about them than ever before. We can tailor our marketing services to various organizations all while growing our business. Additionally, all of our support needs are met in a timely manner by the LiveHelpNow staff, should we ever have questions. We would recommend this product in a heartbeat to anyone looking to change the way they do business."

Joe Rangel, Director of Customer Experience Key Accounts Manager -
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Islamic Online University

"Since instating LiveHelpNow's live chat software on our website, our online university has grown and our potential students are more satisfied than ever. Any issues can be resolved immediately, and our support costs have diminished severely. Live chat has brought us closer to our students than ever before, and we can continue to grow our student’s body with the help of LiveHelpNow's user friendly software and helpful support staff. We would recommend this product to any business looking to connect with its customers and grow, while keeping costs minimal."

Hira Adnan, Chat/Help/Info Desk Team Supervisor -