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Our live chat chat support software lets agents manage
multiple requests easily and in real-time.

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FINALLY, a powerful, no-nonsense livechat software platform

Our Live Chat Support Suite’s straightforward interface handles chat requests the moment they’re submitted
on your website, Facebook page, SMS text and other channels.
Each customer experience is completely customizable and onboarding new agents is a cinch.
Supporting large or small call centers with easy mutli brand workflows out of the box.

Chat System


Mobile Apps for agents, SMS capabilities for customers. Faster customer service is only a text away.

SMS Chat


Ability to collect order information right in chat!
Securely receive highly confidential PCI & PHI data via chat.
The only truly HIPAA compliant live chat system available today.

Secure Forms


Analyze your clients’ wants and needs with our easy-to-digest analytics platform with built-in reporting.
Create customizable post-chat surveys that improve your team with every ticket.
Call center dashboards showing where your customer service agents excel and where they need to improve.

LiveHelpNow Challenge


Automatically translate any foreign Livechat requests in real time.
Your agents can say goodbye to language training once and for all.
Live Chat Agent software is offered in numerous languages.


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- Tammy Smith, Vice President, All Pro Trainer Superstore

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Our tools work seamlessly with your favorite plug-ins and platforms.
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Top rated Live Chat Software by 8 years running and Inc. 500 fastest growing company 3 years in the row.



Live Chat

Live chat has been around for almost 20 years. LiveHelpNow released its first livechat product in 2005. We've been around the block, we know what works and what doesn't. Hence why we introduced customer service satisfaction real-time tracking tool - LiveHelpNow challenge to have our clients compete to be the best in providing live chat support to their customers. Our goal was always to ease customer service agent job and make call centers as efficient as possible by adding innovation to the space.


Support Ticket

We knew live chat was not enough and later in 2007 added support ticket platform to enable our clients capture and respond to their customers efficiently via email.


Knowledge Base and Callback Management Systems

We did not stop there. In 2009 we introduced knowledge base and callback management systems to facilitate FAQ management, self-service portal and to support customers who prefer a phone call to chat or email. During this time we released another innovative chat feature, Whisper Technology (US Patents Nos. 9,178,950 and 9,584,375).


SMS Live Chat

Yes even then we though it was not enough to satisfy ever changing customer service landscape. In 2014 we rolled out one of the most innovative features yet - SMS Live Chat enabling customers to simply text for support.


Facebook messenger, Twitter feed, SalesForce, and HubSpot Plugins and Integrations

We plugged in Facebook messenger, Twitter feed, rolled our a large fleet of integrations with most popular CRM systems like SalesForce and HubSpot to become truly Omnichannel customer support platform in 2015.


Intelligent AI - Live Help Bot

In 2017 we rolled out our Live Help Bot, an artificial intelligence program that is used to independently communicate with your website visitors via a live chat customer service window.



Even today we are hard at work working to introduce even more features to compliment our live chat system and arm our clients with tools to be the best they can be in providing customer service to their customers.


Believe it or not, live chat doesn’t have to be limited to a pop-up window on your website. Our software’s versatility will allow you to communicate with your customers across multiple mediums. If your prospects are on-the-go, they can chat with you via SMS/text message right from their mobile device. When they’re at the office, email might be the easiest way for your clients to reach you. You’ll be happy to know that our system will instantly convert your received emails into support tickets but that’s not all. LiveHelpNow software will open up additional avenues of communication via your customers’ favorite social media channels. That’s right! Your team will even be able to field direct message inquiries from Facebook and Twitter.

Multiple Mediums

Intelligent Bots

Intelligent Bots

Looking to increase the size of your team without actually having to increase the size of your team? Our intelligent chatbots can handle your support staffs’ frequently asked questions and offer solutions to common issues. This will enable your representatives will be able to focus on the complex customer inquiries that require the most attention. The best part is that the reduced chat load will make it feel like your staff has doubled, but for a fraction of the cost.

How do our chatbots do it? Canned responses, that’s how! A canned response is a predetermined response to a frequently asked question. You can compose canned responses on any topic. For example, you can develop pre-written feedback for product and service descriptions, customer greetings, return policies, business hours, locations, and more!

Still feeling skeptical? We already have a long list of clients that have benefited from the magic of our Intelligent Chat Bots. Check Mate Gaming was fielding upwards of 5,000 chats per day before they implemented our intelligent bot. LiveHelpNow's automated chat bot service reduced their online representatives conversations to 1,500 per day. And, guess what? Higher efficiency won't even be your biggest win. With LiveHelpNow’s chatbot, you are guaranteed to see an increase in leads, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Targeted Engagements

Targeted Engagements

Take control of the experience your customers have on your website with Targeted Engagements. Targeted Engagements (a.k.a visitor triggers and automations) will allow you to interact with your online visitors in a way that will have the strongest impact. Our system will assess users’ attributes, so you will have the opportunity to appeal directly to their interests.

These engagements can come in the form of chat invitations, banner announcements, coupons, or special offers. The best part is that the nature of the content can be pre-determined by you and your staff. Your LiveHelpNow dashboard will contain an extensive list of pre-chat conditions for which you can create custom, targeted messages. The visitor trigger settings will then allow you to pre-plan the interactions that will display intuitively when your customers exhibit certain behaviors. For instance, a shopper that has taken a long pause on the shopping cart page may receive an automatic chat message that encourages purchase completion. This particular visitor may be presented with a 10% off promo code or offered navigational assistance.

Targeted engagements can even be optimized to route your customers to the appropriate department. Visitors can be routed to certain representatives based on the webpage where they started their chat or by the details collected at the start of the chat. If you’d prefer, settings can also be configured so users can choose the department they speak with.


The best sales relationships are a direct result of an open dialogue between the customer and the seller. Case and point: You won’t know what your clients’ needs are unless you ask them. LiveHelpNow’s Pre-Chat and Post-Chat(Support Ticket) Surveys will help your team identify what they are doing wrong, and more importantly, what they are doing right! Then you can utilize any collected insights and consumer feedback to optimize your customer service plan.

Customizable surveys won’t just gauge your customers’ overall experience. They will also help to determine best practices, score the quality of your support, identify top performers, and rate your website’s usability. In addition, LiveHelpNow software also has the capability to track CSAT scores for email, SMS and social media communications. No matter the medium, all survey results will appear in your dashboard in real-time. Don’t like the 1-5 scale, and need Net Promoter Score (NPS) no problem!

Client Surveys

Automated Tagging

Automated Chat Tagging

Want to get to know your online customers on a more personal level? Automated Tagging will add an extra layer of meaning to the data already captured. This will enable your staff will gain in-depth insight into your consumers’ needs.

So, how does it work? Your LiveHelpNow helpdesk console will give your staff the ability to create tags and associate keywords with those tags. When a particular topic is identified by the software, the chat session or email support ticket will automatically be categorized with the appropriate label. Categorization can also be done manually by your staff. They will even be able to create color-coded tags so that trending customer service issues and questions can be quickly and easily identified.

In addition, frequent client inquiries regarding certain products or policies can reveal pain points and allow you to make the appropriate improvements. Tagged chat sessions and email support tickets aren’t just about identifying common complaints either. During interactions, clients may also make suggestions and mention features they would like to see in the future. The gathered information can then serve as a resource for new service and product ideas.

Conversion Tracking

Lead Conversion Tracking

LiveHelpNow’s Conversion Tracking Tool will show you the outcome of every interaction and the catalyst for every conversion. Take the guesswork out of determining which marketing campaigns have the most impact. Know exactly which agents are your top performers. Not only will the software provide you with critical statistics and insights into visitor behavior, but it will also show you exactly how your leads are turning into sales.

Obviously, the #1 benefit associated with conversion tracking is the ability to monitor successful sales transactions. What manager wouldn’t love that the best sales methods can be easily pinpointed and turned into best practices? However, your staff will also have the ability to run conversion reports that identify traffic trends and highlight helpful feedback. With these tools you will be able to evaluate how well your website performs in terms of free trial sign-ups, newsletter registrations, video views, and more! The best part is that installing LiveHelpNow conversion tracking on your website is totally hassle-free. No code, programming, or webmaster required.

Enterprise Reporting

LiveHelpNow software also includes our state-of-the-art Enterprise Reporting. Our system is capable of generating reports on a wide range of variables including agent performance, website efficiency, visitor traffic, survey results, lead trends, inquiries by tag, and more! Below we have highlighted what we feel are some, but not all of our most useful reports.

Tag Statistics Reports

Want to start learning more about your client base? Our chat and support ticket tag statistics reports will give you an in-depth look at your business’s customer service trends. LiveHelpNow customer service system automatically tags chats and support tickets to associate them with certain topics and customer behaviors. Once your interactions are tagged, you will be able to generate reports that will allow you to view conversations organized by category. These reports are also interactive. So the days of wading through your entire communication history for valuable consumer insights are over. With a simple click you will be able to view the transcripts associated with each tag.

Survey Statistics Reports

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most important tools included with our live chat and support ticket systems. Not just because they have the capability to gauge the quality of your teams’ support in real-time, across multiple communication channels (i.e. website live chat, text messaging, email, social media interactions), but also because the information collected from post-inquiry surveys can be sorted into agent and rating specific reports. These reports are interactive as well, so any negative survey results can be pinpointed quickly and easily to the actual conversion between an agent and the customer! This allows your staff will be able to immediately review and resolve any issues. In addition, management will be able to determine which agents handled negative interactions and what specifically went wrong within each conversation.

Conversion Reports

LiveHelpNow conversion reports will allow you to track which chat or email lead your customers to complete pre-established goals. Objectives don’t have to be just monetary either. Our reports can track any “goal” from free meeting sign-ups to video views and social media likes. The platform will also allow you to comb through chat transcripts and email inquiries and determine which interactions and marketing campaigns were met with the most success.

Chat Sentiment Analysis Reports

If a customer fails to fill out a post-chat survey, that doesn’t mean that LiveHelpNow software won’t be able to alert you when a customer has had a lackluster experience. Chat Sentiment Reports will give your team an opportunity to pander to customers that otherwise may have fallen through the cracks. For example, maybe a customer isn’t completely happy with your service but chooses to forgo voicing their complaints to management. LiveHelpNow software is designed to hone in on any negative interactions within a chat. It then logs the incident into the system automatically. Not only will you be immediately notified of unfavorable exchanges, but you will also be able to run Sentiment Analysis Reports to pinpoint problem representatives and areas where your customer service needs improvement.

Security & Encryption

Security & Encryption

One of the worst disasters a company can face is a data breach. No brand wants to develop a reputation for putting their customers' personal information at risk. That’s why LiveHelpNow has developed advanced security features that now serve as a cornerstone of our software.

Until LiveHelpNow introduced the world to Secure Forms, it was impossible for businesses to collect confidential customer data via live chat or email. Our PCI and HIPAA compliant platform will give your staff the ability to safely gather sensitive personal, financial, and health information across these online communication channels. Finally, your company can easily receive loan applications, medical records, credit card information, and more. All worry free!

We know what you’re thinking. All of that data has to get stored somewhere, right? Don’t sweat it. We thought of that too. LiveHelpNow help desk platform also has a purge schedule feature. If you don’t want us to host the data you’ve collected, you can have all transcripts, emails, forms, and any other customer data sent to a secure location of your choice. Then LiveHelpNow can be setup to automatically wipe any trace of the information from its system. Imagine SnapChat for customer service! Data disappears as soon as the conversion is concluded!

We have even given our clients the ability to limit access to their LiveHelpNow account with IP Whitelisting. For extra security you can configure your helpdesk account to only be accessible by certain IP addresses. If you only want your staff to have access to the program at the office, you can restrict log-ins from other networks.

You are in good company! LiveHelpNow is trusted by US Navy, US Army, US Coast Guard, Barracuda Networks, and Micron among other Fortune 100 and 500 companies which wouldn't take anything less than stellar security standards provided by LiveHelpNow help desk system.

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