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LiveHelpNow Help Desk Apps

Use LiveHelpNow in the office, or on the go! We've got you covered where ever you may be.

Live Chat Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

  • Windows

    LiveHelpNow Help Desk Console App Compatible with Windows 7+

  • Mac

    LiveHelpNow Help Desk Console App Compatible with iOS 10+

  • Live Chat App iOS

    Compatible with any iOS device

  • Live Chat App Andriod

    Compatible with Android device

Live Chat Apps for Omnichannel Customer Support

Customer support has shifted rapidly in the last 5 years to satisfy ever growing pull of customer support channels.
The days of "call for support" are pretty much over. Nowadays it sounds more like "Tweet us, like us, text us, chat with us, email us and, if you prefer, you may also call us"

LiveHelpNow help desk system pioneered a truly omnichannel customer service platform early in 2015 allowing call centers of all sizes to support multiple brands and truly via any channel customers prefer using such as Live chat, SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, And many more....

Live chat apps are provided for convenience to smaller organizations(1-5 agents) to be able to support their customers while on the go.

LiveHelpnow Help Desk Live chat apps downloads are available for Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Live Chat Apps provide instant chat, incoming email/support ticket notifications, as well as task reminders.

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