5 customer service communication mistakes that can kill your business

By Katie

If you are running a business, you will never be able to compete on prices or range of services and

LiveHelpNow speaks Greek and now so can you!

By Michael Kansky

The world’s just gotten a little smaller and your sales opportunities have just gotten a lot bigger. We’re writing to

Sell baby sell – customer service and lead generation, redefined

By Michael Kansky

The day before yesterday I was shopping online. More specifically, I was looking for some rock climbing shoes as some

Are you missing your 3 am phone call?

By Michael Kansky

By this time you are looking pretty good in the customer service department if you have implemented Live Chat, a

How to slash thousands of dollars from customer service budgets..

By Michael Kansky

and deliver the same levels of service as before? This post is meant for you if you have a website

LiveHelpNow sponsors The Dreyfuss Initiative

By Michael Kansky

Friday, June 10, 2011 A great time was had by all! We extend special thanks to The Dreyfuss Initiative for

Customer email management giving you nightmares? Here’s your shining knight

By Michael Kansky

The case of the missing shoes Robert is window shopping for shoes online. He lands on a store and likes

Chatting your way to customers and profits

By Michael Kansky

This post will be about live chat. After reading this we hope that you will have enough information to make

Are you losing customers and bleeding profits?

By Michael Kansky

If a number of your customers are saying something along the lines of “I am not buying from you again”

How to increase live chat volume

By Michael Kansky

Make Sure Your Staff is Ready Staff can be easily prepared and trained to know how to use the operator

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