Tracking Conversions influenced by Live Chat and Email Support interactions

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LiveHelpNow Launches Conversion Tracking for Your Live Chat Sessions and Support Tickets

The best part of tracking anything is when you finally catch it. That’s a great moment, as you can see in this happy picture of our company cat.

conversion tracking live chat and email support

With Conversion Tracking from LiveHelpNow, you can be a happy tracker, too. Conversion Tracking is our latest innovation. When you spend money on marketing or advertising, you want to know your ROI, right?  LiveHelpNow gives you the numbers on what is happening to leads or customers after a Live Chat session or a responded support email by your agents.

The only fluff around here is cat fur

While we like hyping our product as much as anyone else, there’s no fluff here. You need to understand where your money—and your customer service—is going. LiveHelpNow is an affordable, full-featured, Help Desk platform that, among many other things, focuses on key analytics.  Like our LiveHelpNow Challenge that helps you understand your service metrics in real-time, our Conversion Tracking tool shows you outcomes after interaction with your Chat agent.

Conversion Tracking enables you to evaluate how well your website performs as far as having visitors complete desired action such as completed orders, trial sign up, registration, watched video, and more. You can run generic conversion reports to spot trends and grab feedback that helps you tweak your CSR scripts or your agent approach.  You get results on any visitor who completed a defined event on your website as well as information on which agent helped in conversion!

Are your leads heading to the product floor, or moving to checkout?  Or are they making a beeline for the door?  Now you can run reports that illustrate which Chat agents are converting your leads to customers or losing them in the underbrush.

Don’t wait to track your conversions

Sound good?  Of course it does. Don’t guess about the return on your help desk operations investment.  If you are already using LiveHelpNow, start tracking Live Chat and Support Ticket conversions right away.  If you are not yet a LiveHelpNow user, here is your chance to try out all our features, including Conversion Tracking, during a free 30-day trial.


To setup conversions, please head to Admin Panel -> My account -> Conversions

There are 4 types of conversions you may choose from:

  • Page View – When a visitor views a specific page like order “thank you” page. For example if order thank you page is you may enter just a fragment into the “URL contains” field such as /order/thank_you
  • Derived From Page (JS Var) – Advanced users only. If your web page has a defined JavaScript variable containing conversion value, as soon as such variable is detected on the specified page, the conversion will be automatically recorded within your LiveHelpNow account and attributed to an agent who has interacted with the customer. Conversion Default value is used if the variable detected did not contain valid currency/numeric value.
  • Derived From Page (HTML Element) – Advanced users only. If your web page has an HTML element containing conversion value, as soon as such element is detected being not empty on the specified page, the conversion will be automatically recorded within your LiveHelpNow account and attributed to an agent who has interacted with the customer. Conversion Default value is used if the HTML element detected did not contain valid currency/numeric value.
  • Derived From Page (RegEx) – Advanced users only. If you know that your conversion value resides between “Order Total: ” and “</div>” within the HTML source of the order page, you may use the following RegEx in the conversion value selector
    Order Total: (.*?)</div>

    Please note that the derived value is defined by RegEx in (.?) fragment. So if order total is displayed on the page as “<div>Order Total: $42.00</div>” then $42.00 will be extracted and recorded with conversion. You may also specify your RegEx options such as g,i,m (global match, case-insensitive, multiline matching)

  • Manual push – If you would like to manually push a conversion, please simply call this JS function within your web page whenever conversion occurs:

    Replace ConversionID and ConversionValue with actual ID and Value of the conversion. ConversionID is provided on the conversion setup page:



That is the best part!

Conversion report may be found in Analytics->Executive->Conversions
Totals per conversion, conversions by day and conversions by agents are reported on. You may also select individual conversion or agent to see detailed view for each. Finally selecting multiple conversions on the report will show customers who converted for all of the selected conversions!




Live Chat and Email Support puts a support network in place for your prospects.  Now you can use Conversion Tracking to find out how and where your leads are converting after a Chat or Responded Support Email.

Don’t wait to begin your hunt for greater success. Try LiveHelpNow today.


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