Chat support suite

Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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Plugins & Integrations
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Help Desk Analytics

Customizabel dashboards, real time feed of CSAT scores, Live Chat and Support ticket response rates, Knowledge base usage and many more

Analytical Reports

The facts don’t lie. Right now there is a wealth of information on your site holding vital clues to your perfect sales formula. LiveHelpNow Analytics focus in on the data that matters most to your bottom line, including a wealth of operator and website performance reports.

Executive Reports

  • Main Overview
  • Marketing Overview
  • Content Overview
  • Website Errors


  • Referrers
  • Referrer URLs
  • Search Engines
  • Search Terms
  • Landing Pages

Website Visitors

  • Daily Visitors
  • Visits vs. Pageviews
  • New vs. Returning
  • Visitors by ISP
  • Visitors by Country
  • Visitor Languages
  • Hourly Visitors
  • Top Content
  • Top Exit Points
  • Browser Versions
  • Platform Versions
  • Browser / Platform Combo
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Screen Colors
  • Java Enabled
  • Raw Visitor Data

Chat System

  • Operator Time Clock
  • Daily Live Chat Statistics
  • Daily Live Chat Breakdown
  • Chat Transcripts
  • Chat Transcripts (Bulk Print)
  • Survey Statistics
  • Survey Statistics by Operator
  • Chat Sentiment Analysis
  • Chat Launch URLs
  • Contact List (pre - chat window)
  • Secure Forms Data

Call Log System

  • Contact List (callback requests)
  • Calls by Tag
  • Export Call Log
  • Secure Forms Data

Support Ticket System

  • Ticket System Detailed Statistics
  • Ticket System Performance
  • Contact List (ticket submissions)
  • Tickets by Category
  • Ticket by Priority
  • Tickets Export
  • Ticket by Assignment
  • Tickets by Tag
  • Ticket Survey Statistics
  • Ticket Survey Statistics by Operator
  • Secure Forms Data
  • Ticket by Hour

FAQ / Self Service System

  • Search Terms
  • Highly Rated Content
  • Poorly Rated Content
  • Most Viewed Content
  • Least Viewed Content