Knowledge Base Overview

Why Knowledge Base?

Create a concise repository of company data with the LiveHelpNow Knowledge Base. Imagine the answers from all chat and ticket questions in one location that is accessible and searchable, both internally and externally. These answers can easily be published as FAQ articles on a support page that can be fully customized to match your website design. Read up on all the benefits of a knowledge base.


Minimize Support


A Knowledge Base eliminates repeat inquiries, improves customer satisfaction, and decreases the amount of time and money spent on support. It also provides a perfect training environment for new employees, giving them all the company and product information they need to become productive team members quickly.

Search Engine Optimization

Publishing Knowledge Base articles creates inbound roads to your site by letting search engines know your company is on the map. Customers that are searching for the types of products you sell can rate articles, while the built in analytics reports allow you to see which articles are helpful and which need revision.

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