6 smart and cost effective strategies for getting loyal customers

By Katie

A new customer always comes with the baggage of acquisition costs. It’s only when that customer returns for a second

Live Chat Tagging – How to get detailed information about the content of your chat traffic

By Michael Kansky

Your staff took 100 chats this week; how many were for sales, how many for support, how many were for

Tired of seeing ‘You’ or ‘Visitor’ instead of your customer’s name in chat?

By Michael Kansky

Make chat personal again by interacting with prospective customers on a first name basis. Our latest update to the live

The LiveHelpNow live chat window – Designed with your brand in mind

By Michael Kansky

The live chat window is often a visitor’s first point of contact with your company, and it should be designed

5 principles that make multitasking with live chat easier

By Katie

  Offering a live chat option on your website is a great start at being more responsive to your market’s

7 tips for boosting your call center’s FCR (First Contact Resolution) rate

By Katie

When is a business delivering the best customer service possible? It’s when zero customers interact with customer service. This may

Are talkative customers clogging up the phone lines?

By Katie

One of our previous posts talked about strategies you can use to talk with angry customers and turn the situation

5 strategies to transform your live chat service into a sales channel

By Katie

Live chat is becoming a part of the online shopping experience as research point indicates that interacting with a visitor

6 things service reps should do when an angry customer calls

By Katie

When you are running a business you won’t be able to please all customers no matter how hard you try.

6 tips on turning customer feedback into business intelligence

By Katie

So you have got the memo and have started collecting customer feedback. Congratulations. But that is only the first step

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