The facts don’t lie. Right now there is a wealth of information on your site holding vital clues to your perfect sales formula. LiveHelpNow Analytics focus in on the data that matters most to your bottom line, including a wealth of operator and website performance reports.

LiveHelpNow Analytics Reports:

Executive Reports

  • Main Overview
  • Visits & Page views, New vs. Returning Visitors, Chat
  • Sessions, Visits by Source.
  • Marketing Overview
  • Top 5 Referrers, Top 5 Keywords, Top 3 Campaign Sources
  • (direct hit, via referral, via search)
  • Content Overview
  • Top 5 Entrances, Top 5 Exits, Top 5 Content

Marketing Reports

  • Top Referrers
  • Top Referrer URLs
  • Top Referring Search Engines
  • Top Search Engine Keywords
  • Top Web Visitor Entry Points

Website Visitors Reports

  • Visitors Daily, Percent New Visitors Daily
  • Daily Visitors & Page views, Average Views per Visit
  • New vs. Returning Visitors
  • Visitors by City
  • Visitors by Country
  • Visitor Languages
  • Hourly Visitors, Page Views & Chat Sessions
  • Top Web Site Content per Visits & Page views
  • Top Exit Points
  • Browser Versions
  • Platform Versions
  • Browser/Platform Combo
  • Screen Resolutions
  • Screen Colors 32bit, 24bit, 16bit, etc.
  • Java Enabled, Yes or No?
  • Raw data for all website visitors

Live Chat Reports

  • Operator Time Clock
  • Contact List (collected via pre-chat window)
  • Chat Sessions, Total Chat Time, Offline Chat Requests, Offline
  • Chat Requests by Hour
  • Live Chat Statistics per Agent & Department
  • Chat Transcripts
  • Chat Transcripts (Bulk Print)
  • Dropped Chat Sessions
  • Chat Transcripts Export
  • Chat Transcripts are exported as .xml (Excel) files
  • Chat Tag Statistics
  • Chat Launch URLs (Top Pages where live chats are requested)

Email Ticket Management Reports

  • New Tickets, Resolved Tickets, Average time to Assignment,
  • Average time to Resolution, etc.
  • View Performance by Operator & Department
  • Detailed Daily Stats per Operator & Department
  • Contact List (collected via ticket submission)
  • Tickets by Category
  • Tickets by Priority
  • Tickets export
  • Ticket Transcripts are exported as .xml (Excel) files
  • Tickets by Assignment
  • Tickets by tag

Knowledge Base Reports

  • Search terms
  • Top knowledge base search queries
  • Highly Rated content
  • Poorly Rated content
  • Most viewed content
  • Least viewed content

Call Management Reports

  • Contact List (collected via callback requests)
  • Calls by tag

Survey Reports

  • Survey Statistics
  • Survey Statistics by Operator