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Setting a New Standard in Customer Service Media

The future is personal!

Your website is just a website, until it can tell your story. Your customers have a lot of choices to make and they need a reason to choose you over all the rest.

Your business was built on your experience, passion and knowledge. LiveHelpNow tells your story to customers by creating relationships and relationships change everything. Using social media to relate to your customers is about as personal as shouting in a crowd.

LiveHelpNow is setting a new standard in customer service media, and it's so much more than social…

The future is personal.

The LiveHelpNow Challenge

We are pleased to announce The LiveHelpNow Challenge, a monthly ranking that measures the top companies providing exceptional customer service measured by LiveHelpNow’s customer service metric score. Monitor your score and improve your service daily with our metrics reports, conveniently placed in your administrator panel. Take the challenge and give your company a chance to rise to the top of the list each month! Learn more here

Feature Spotlight

  • Trigger Flow Chart

    Visitor Triggers

    Every sale starts out as that crucial moment when your product’s price matches it’s benefit for your customer. Think of Visitor Triggers as an insider tip on precisely when and how to present those benefits in a personalized way that seals the deal.

  • Eventing API

    Eventing is an option your webmaster will love! Eventing API, which acts as a Streaming API, will allow you to push customer data to any resource on the web at the exact moment a certain LiveHelpNow event (such as chat started/closed) occurs.  Learn more...

  • SMS Chat

    Text enabling your existing landline or toll-free number lets you get in a text messaging relationship with your customers.

Award Winning

LiveHelpNow is reliable, easy-to-use software that your agents and customers will love and appreciate. The huge variety of features available, coupled with the superb customer service options and new features, make this application the best available.