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LiveHelpNow upgrades your service immediately; lowering your costs, organizing your team's expertise, and providing better service. LiveHelpNow enables effective and efficient delivery of your service. With the creation of your dynamic self-help support center, direct email contact forms that automatically route and track email responses, and chat to solve issues in real time, your support staff can be online helping customers learn more about your products' features. It's simple to get started. Signup today.

Review of LiveHelpNow 2.0

So what can LiveHelpNow do for you?

If you are a member of a software support team, LiveHelpNow could be your biggest asset. The biggest advantage you’ll have with LiveHelpNow’s product line is the ability to educate your customers while you help them. Whenever a client visits your Web site, everything they do helps you to better help them.

Our Knowledgebase VS FAQ

FAQs aren’t always enough, but with LiveHelpNow’s knowledgebase component, the FAQ area of your Web site will be constantly updated directly from live chat and e-mail tickets. E-mail ticketing also allows you to prioritize incoming help requests so that you can decide which questions need to be answered first. Built in analytics will show you which articles are the most and least helpful, so that you can keep your FAQ as relevant as possible.

Proactively initiate a help session

When a customer is browsing your product Website looking for answers or doing keyword searches for items, live chat allows a representative to proactively initiate a help session in real time. This alone can keep a customer coming back to purchase your upgrades and add-ons to their software.

One stop tool for all of your needs

When customers need help, the livechat feature of LiveHelpNow can be the most helpful tool for the busy IT helpdesk team. Livechat gives your support staff the ability to hold multiple, simultaneous chats with different customers. Not only that, features built in to LiveHelpNow’s toolset allow for remote desktop manipulation via the Web. There's no more need to go from phone to computer, to remote desktop app, to web browser. It’s all built into one Web application.

Provide help quickly and effectively

LiveHelpNow’s real time data analytics and knowledgbase tools and e-mail ticketing system can help your software support staff manage even the most demanding help desk problems. Every chat, every keyword search and question asked by customers, can be automatically pulled and added to the FAQ section of your web site or be used by staff in the chat environment. This gives your support group the ability to answer questions and provide help, quickly and effectively.

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We recently switched to LiveHelpNow for our email, chat and knowledge base service. We were immediately impressed by two things: One, how much out-of-the-box functionality they provide for such a reasonable price and two, how eager they are to help. The package is powerful, extensible, easy to use and customizable and the staff are smart, friendly and professional.


Joel Levin, Vice President,
Technical Support, Final Draft, Inc.


Our business has been using live help now for approximately 6 months now. I have seen other businesses use Chat on their websites and wanted to give it a try. We are so impressed with how simple it was to install within our website and the amount of information available.


Tammy Smith,