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Chat service for CPA Accountants

Chat Service Importance

Whether your accounting practice is boutique or a large firm, LiveHelpNow delivers affordable communication, analytics, and customer service tools to build your business profile and your profits. Double-down on your client service and stay competitive using website interactivity and data collection while delivering high quality financial services.

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Chat software for accountants that delivers high value client care

Financial expertise is just part of the service required to run a successful accounting firm of any size. Consumer, commercial, or organizational clients expect efficient, timely communication about their professional needs, and responses to questions they have concerning your financial products.

Serving either existing or potential clients requires high-touch, high value communications capabilities. LiveHelpNow is an affordable cloud accounting software platform that delivers a robust suite of tools to help you serve your existing client base, and market to potential leads.

Here are some LiveHelpNow tools you can use to increase your profits, boost client satisfaction, and promote your accounting services to your website visitors:

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Flexible communication options for your clients

Increase the efficiency of your staff through the use of live Chat. Chat functionality allows your Chat agents to handle multiple calls, instead of one phone call at a time. Your clients can reach you through online Chat, email ticketing, or SMS-text messaging.

All contacts are received by your firm through a unified company inbox that organizes your contacts, shows their status, and allows your Chat agents to review any profile they may have with your firm, before reaching out to them. LiveHelpNow builds unique profiles for each Chat visitor, giving you important historic information about whether the contact is a current client, new website visitor, and other information.

You can customize LiveHelpNow to trigger a Chat box when a visitor clicks on to your website. Because your website is often the first chance you have to make a professional impression on a new client, your website visitors are treated with high level service as soon as they enter your website. Website visitors can ask questions or raise concerns. The LiveHelpNow dashboard lets you track whether client inquiries were resolved, and customized survey forms offer your clients an immediate opportunity to provide feedback on their level of satisfaction with your firm.

Data collection and lead generation

When a visitor is on your website, you can view where they are from, how they were referred to your website, if they are a returning visitor, and social media information from profiles open at that time. If your Chat agent engages with your visitor, they can use this information to personalize the encounter and potentially turn the website encounter into a new client consult.

LiveHelpNow gives you instant access to the metrics of your customer service. You can view Chat transcripts, determine how many calls you are handling, whether calls were dropped, generate reports in Excel, or integrate LiveHelpNow with Google Analytics to help you see ways to tweak your marketing strategies.

Exchange confidential information in a secure environment

You can exchanges sensitive financial information with clients through the LiveHelpNow Secure Forms tool from within a Chat session. This PCI- and HIPAA-compliant tool gives you the freedom to exchange sensitive financial information with your client, and receive alerts when the form is opened, completed, and submitted by your client.

LiveHelpNow delivers professional business software at an affordable price

These are just a few of the many tools available to you through LiveHelpNow that can reduce your operating cost as you cultivate new leads, and increase existing client satisfaction. Try a free 30-day trial of LiveHelpNow today.

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