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Our customer service and engagement tools work seamlessly with any industry.

Industry Focus

  • Travel


    As a Travel Agent you need to combine your extensive knowledge and experience with exemplary customer service. We give you the ability to provide immediate information and advice directly to your customers while they are on your site. You would not want to ignore a customer that was in your Travel Agency so don't ignore them when they are visiting your website. Reach each visitor at the moment they are on your website and sit them down at your 'virtual desk' and help them plan their trip....

  • Small Business

    Small Business

    One of the top ten mistakes made by small business customer service is inaccessibility. By making your business accessible 24/7/365 you can provide real time help to multiple customers at the same time and provide them with a 'local store' experience online. 97% of your online customers are leaving your website without taking action - whether to purchase or select a service. The key to your online business success is providing great customer support and great customer relationship manageme...

  • Automotive


    We can help your dealership double their website leads and see results on the first day. The average automobile dealership loses 2,440 sales each month from online visitors who leave the dealership website without taking any action. Now you can immediately begin a conversation with a visitor and start building a relationship very early in the sales process. Customers can now be greeted in the same way as if they were actually in your showroom...

  • Education


    One of the most crucial things you can do to help recruit students is to provide them with helpful information. The first place these potential students are going to go is to your College/University website. We will immediately help with recruitment by providing a way for them to chat with admission officers, professors, even other students. As the students fill out forms you can have someone online to chat with them as they come across difficult areas or just answer general questions about y...

  • Legal


    The main purpose of your legal website is to attract and retain clients while providing them with a way to address their legal concerns. We give your website an effective way to reach your visitors on a personal level that will keep them coming back. Give visitors to your site immediate access to online knowledge and real time personal assistance. Lawyers without an online chat and knowledge base presence will not reach their clients and will be left behind....

  • Insurance Agent

    Insurance Agent

    An insurance agent is the connection between a persons assets and the protection they need. Becoming a go to source of information, being available through multiple mediums is key to retention and referrals. By deploying technology, you can lower your costs, increase your customers satisfaction and grow sales. It is a must to open doors to communication, answering the questions quickly and accurately. Using chat, email ticketing and a self help system, opens all the doors....

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Even when the market was red hot, there was competition to your service. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself. As important, critical referrals come from serving your existing clients. Being responsive, accurate and available are important to every home buyer. By using online tools for communication, such as chat, email ticketing and dynamic FAQ, a real estate agent can better serve more clients, with less expense. It doesn't replace the human touch, but it enhances it greatly....

  • Religion


    The church is not typically the first to adopt technology. It can be time consuming, costly and ineffective sometimes. As the connection with people becomes more critical, and as the time people commit to church may be declining, the next step is to implement simple, effective technology. Opening the doors to your message, by using online chat, better email management and even easily updated frequently asked questions, makes this connection stronger....

  • Software Support

    Software Support

    If you don't already have chat, you should, customers expect it. What most companies don't realize is that by creating support channels for email ticketing and a dynamic FAQ knowledgebase, customer satisfaction will go up and cost will go down. Even when chat is available, customer who have no time will select email support. Customers will use selfhelp when they need an answer and it is 2am. Lower costs, increase satisfaction with with all three....

  • Doctors


    There is no sense of urgency like a child or loved one being sick. The office manager in a doctors office should deploy every tool possible to process patients. Enable the doctor to help more people. Opening up multiple mediums of communication, the office benefits from lower costs, better customer service and less headaches, for both patients and office employees. By answering questions across a variety of mediums, office managers increase the productivity of their workers...

  • Dentists


    Every Dentist office is busy. But not always busy with the right things. Paperwork, ringing phones and a full waiting room might seem like a good thing. Using online tools can make a serious shift in the way your business runs. By opening up communication tools with your customers, you will lower costs, increase capacity and improve customer satisfaction. Enabling busy patients to communicate with you using their method of choice, you open a dialog, building loyalty. You also lower costs....

  • Financial Advisors

    Financial Advisors

    Financial Advisers get questions. Turning a question into a client is their business. Using online tools to open multiple methods of questions, naturally, builds the business. Using online tools to create dialog, continue dialog and convert leads, financial advisers build trust. Over time, trust becomes loyalty and critical referrals from friends and family. Providing access to your services, will bring leads, the online tools will convert them to customers....

  • Radio Stations

    Radio Stations

    Radio still rules. Radio stations that don't embrace technology rule less. The connection with your listeners extends past your broadcast over the airwaves and beyond your internet radio. You must connect with your listeners. Creating a loyal listening audience can be easily enhanced by adding tools to your website. Listeners can connect with you via real time chat from their office, by reading content FAQ related to songs and artists and sending emails, without any headaches or expense....

  • Salon Services

    Salon Services

    Your customers are becoming more demanding and you are introducing more services. Simplify administration by introducing online chat to your website. This opens the door for customers to connect with you, in the way they want. This could include online chat, email ticketing and a dynamic, no code needed, FAQ. Open these connections, increase business and lower costs....

  • Wine Stores

    Wine Stores

    Most people don't know what, when and where to serve wine AND...they are too afraid to ask. Open this dialog with customers and help them get more comfortable. Education breeds loyalty. By helping customers make smart purchases, you create long term value and a referral engine for your business. By enabling online chat, email ticketing and a dynamic FAQ page, customers can choose the method they want. You can establish your expertise by providing quick, comfortable and accurate help....

  • Medical Help

    Medical Help

    Delivering medical help can be exhausting, especially when a series of questions and answers are needed to really know. It is a potential infinite tree of what if, then ask this, then do this. It is complicated. Online tools eliminate the complexity by creating a dialog, whether by chat, or by using ticket email. The sequence of questions can then be loaded as FAQ's, growing your ability to help. Take the next step, deploy online tools to better serve your customers, lower your own costs and...

  • Toy Stores

    Toy Stores

    Online e-commerce is getting better for some and becoming more difficult for others. With easy search, e-commerce has now become a service focused business. Most items can be found easily in many places, making it easy for consumers to price and check availability. Separate yourself with service. By opening a dialog with your customers, you answer questions. Fast, accurate answers create customer satisfaction and drives current and critical repeat sales, referrals, etc....

  • Home and Garden

    Home and Garden

    Every home owner feels a connection with their home, with it comes a passion for the upkeep and beautification. With any passion, comes learning, with the desire to learn, comes questions. Any business helping home owners can benefit from opening the gate to answering questions, using online tools that lower costs and improve customer satisfaction. By being the expert, people will start by asking, then trusting, purchasing and becoming a loyal, long term customer....

  • Landscapers


    Sometimes your business receptionist is you, during busy times, it is no one. A service business depends on this connection to optimize customer service and gain referrals. Using online tools delivers better customer service and lowers your costs. By opening many doors for your customers, you enable them to contact you via chat, email tickets or self help services. Customer will email most questions of a non-urgent nature, providing convenience for them and better productivity...

  • Business Travel

    Business Travel

    Business travelers are demanding. They want more for less. A travel agency that doesn't lower costs and increase service will lose. Lose customers, lose revenue and probably lose sleep. The solution is to open your service to incorporate multiple mediums to enable your customers to choose the way they want to communicate. Give them what they want, it will increase sales, be efficient for you and enable you to be a competitor in your niche....

  • Software Sales

    Software Sales

    Your software has many features. Too much to sometimes explain even in the perfectly designed website. Open the doors to more sales. Enable your customers to ask questions, create a dynamic FAQ for customers to find answers, deploy a email ticketing systems to effectively route emails to your departments. When you answer questions, quickly and accurately, sales increase....

  • Personal Trainers

    Personal Trainers

    As a personal trainer, success means making a personal connection. If you can't create trust, your customer will have a hard time listening to your advice. Open this door of trust, by using effective communication tools on your website. When a potential customer wants help, they want it now. By creating an instant connection, a robust FAQ and an email ticket system, a one person business like yours can succeed in the first step; trust....

  • Personal Shopper

    Personal Shopper

    More and more personal shoppers are turning to the Internet for ways to improve client relationships and increase the size of their client list. With LiveHelpNow, the option of using your website to reach more customers is much more attainable. The basic package is easy to install and integrates fully with your site. Within five minutes, your business can benefit from being able to see what clients are looking for. With features like live chat, you can then provide immediate feedback for those ...

  • Nonprofit Organization

    Nonprofit Organization

    Leaders within nonprofit organizations recognize the importance of being able to communicate with their clients as well as their beneficiaries. LiveHelpNow offers a cost-effective solution that enables your organization to speak directly with customers or those who wish to donate with its powerful suite of web-based customer service tools. Live chat, for instance, enables your associates to talk directly with clients who are browsing your website. Knowledgebase allows you to build up informati...

  • Credit Counselor

    Credit Counselor

    LiveHelpNow offers credit counselors direct communication with their clients and helps building strong relationships through high-level customer service. By installing LiveHelpNow’s on your site, you can be up and running within five-minutes with the software that allows you to chat with customers, build and keep up to date a publishable and searchable knowledgebase of FAQs and utilize a state-of-the-art e-mail ticketing system. Customizable framework that integrates seamlessly with your website...

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  • Career Coach

    Career Coach

    As a career coach, it’s important for you to be able to reach your clients in both a cost-effective and personal manner. LiveHelpNow will help you see what your clients needs are based on what searches they do on your site and will provide you an immediate means of effectively communicating with them via live chat. The basic package, which includes one of our core systems, takes less than five-minutes to install. Using LiveHelpNow will not only help you stay more in touch with your clients, but...

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  • Accountants


    Every accountant knows that the key to running an effective accounting business is excellent customer service. LiveHelpNow puts the tools in your hands that will allow you to do just that. With the basic package, which is extremely and easy to install, you can use your website to gather quantitative data about customer needs as well as provide live help for your customers via live chat. You can create immediate value to your web site and business. In minutes, you can add a live service component...

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