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Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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Branded support center

Seamlessly integrated, branded self-service portal into your existing website

Add a branded support center to your site

Today's online shoppers expect to find quick, convenient answers to their initial questions about your website before they consider making a purchase. Large, incumbent e-commerce sites are quick to offer their customers intuitive ways to help themselves before contacting a representative. Position your company as an industry leader and expand the authority of your brand by adding a seamless self-service support center to your site.

Build a searchable, shared library of support resources

A company rep with access to support resources can answer the FAQs customers ask with confidence. A team with access to a Knowledge Base can share best practices, create new resources as needed, and delight customers by answering challenging questions without delay. Knowledge Base articles are easy to lookup and share with others. When a customer calls and asks an unfamiliar question you can quickly bring up related articles and offer them the best answer. If you're pressed for time then you can email the customer an article link or point out the answer in your online support center. Your team will appreciate the convenience of a searchable, shared knowledge base and your customers will love the speedy, specialized service they receive.

Seamless integration with other LiveHelpNow services

A Knowledge Base is a powerful catalyst for customer satisfaction in its own right and when you combine its support library with LiveHelpNow Live Chat, Ticketing and Callback services you get a package of benefits that you won't find in any other help desk software.

Offer customers a variety of support options- 
Give customers instant access to answers anywhere on your site with the HelpOut Tab. Chat, Ticketing, and Callback subscribers can add these options to the HelpOut Tab and 
provide customers with a full range of streamlined support channels to choose from.

Reduce support costs and increase customer satisfaction- 
Agents that field live chats and support tickets can link customers to helpful articles with one click, greatly reducing their average handling time (AHT) per interaction. Customers, in turn, love getting the specific information they're looking for without waiting around or being transferred.

Leverage chats, tickets, and calls to improve support quality- 
Chat, Ticket, and Callback transcripts are an invaluable resource filled with best practices,
success stories, helpful suggestions, and cautionary tales waiting to be discovered and utilized as teaching tools. Incorporate insights from your conversations with customers into Knowledge Base articles and beyond to continuously improve support quality.

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