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Unified, intelligent mailbox

Intelligent email management. Unlimited mailboxes. Unlimited triggers and automations for your email support.

Consolidate scattered inboxes into a unified help desk

LiveHelpNow Email-Ticket Management keeps your business communications organized and efficient. Emails that customers send you are turned into trackable tickets that include attached files and keep conversations threaded together. Send customers automated ticket status notifications that include your company messaging. Manage support workflows manually or automatically with Ticket Triggers.

Streamline existing email support processes

It's easy to convert incoming customer emails to tickets. Add a simple email forwarding rule to your existing support inboxes and start handling all of your customer emails in one convenient dashboard. If your site includes web forms for inquiries that you'd like to handle as tickets then the email submissions they generate can also be managed via email-to-ticket integration.

Apply actions to multiple tickets at once

When different customers email you with the same questions you can save time by responding to all of them at once. Select multiple tickets on your dashboard and choose from a variety of follow up actions including assigning tickets to operators, adding a comment, resolving the tickets, or tagging them with a custom label.

Customize ticket status notifications

Apply unified brand messaging to the email notifications your customers receive when their tickets are updated by operators. Create ticket categories for every type of customer inquiry you receive, each with its own custom status notifications, and assign categorized tickets to appropriately skilled operators. Personalize the status notifications customers receive with company greetings and signatures. Categorize tickets by inquiry type, business function, customer language or any other organizational scheme that makes sense for your business.

Customize a ticket submission form

Support your brand by adding your company logo and messaging to the ticket submission form included with Email-Ticket Management. Select which standard fields to include and add up to 15 custom fields to capture all the information you need from customers to resolve their inquiries. The ticketing system will automatically track customer history and provide you with additional contact details like customer geo-location.

Reduce average handling times

It's no secret- customers seeking support are happiest when their questions are answered without delay. Inquiries that get jammed up in emails can sit unanswered for days or even weeks! No matter how clever your auto-responder is, it is no substitute for a timely resolution. Overcome the pitfalls of email and resolve customer inquires as a team with Email-Ticket Management.

Fully featured self-service web portal

Give customers secure access to their support tickets online 24/7. Each ticket status notification includes a link to view the ticket online and allows the customer to browse through previously submitted tickets for past resolutions. Customers that view their tickets online can add comments to open tickets and re-open closed tickets with ease, reducing repeat inquiries. The Knowledge Base takes self-service even further by giving customers instant access to a branded, easy to manage Support Center that blends seamlessly with your website.

Twitter integration

Add Twitter support and capture social sales opportunities

Extend your brand's influence with social customer service. Convert mentions, direct mentions and any other type of Twitter tweet into tickets and respond accordingly right from your LiveHelpNow ticket dashboard.

Be the first to know what customers are saying about you

Capture tweets @ and about your company and handle them the same way you resolve customer inquiries from other sources. Wow customers with your social support savvy before competitors get wise and make their own advances.

Tune into the Twitter conversations that lead to sales

Spread your wings and fly in to save the day when a potential customer or influencer asks a question related to your industry. Gain an edge on competitors by offering your solutions to their dissatisfied customers. If sales isn't your department then have no fear- It's easy to escalate tickets to others.

Track contact history

View full contact details within each ticket

LiveHelpNow Email-Ticket Management comes with a customizable ticket submission form so you capture all the information you need every time a customer submits a new inquiry. Each ticket submission has its own unique ID, customer geo-location, and details about the ticket's source.

Ticket sources may include your support emails, web form submissions, new ticket submissions by operators, and Twitter tweets from customers! Every ticket also includes the customer's recent contact history with links to view previously submitted LiveHelpNow tickets, chat sessions, and callback requests.

Sort tickets by subject, status, source and more

Every ticket is searchable and sortable in your ticket dashboard. Use the ticket Filter to search through an unlimited number of tickets and save the Filters you use most often so you can speed through routine tasks.

Front-line operators can look up a customer's tickets effortlessly as they work with them in a live chat session or on a call. If an operator finishes all the tickets assigned to them, they can help other operators resolve their tickets to reduce average handling times.

Track the actions taken on every ticket

Customer comments and operator notes are seamlessly threaded together within each ticket and every user action is time-stamped and logged. Supervisors and account administrators can audit the full life cycle of each ticket from the bottom-up & from the top-down with the on-demand ticketing performance reports included in LiveHelpNow Analytics.

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