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You could win matching shirts for you and your pet and up to $1,000 donated to Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue in your pet's name.

Visit our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn to learn more.

2019 Pet Photo Contest Submissions

Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs
Cute Dogs

#LivePetsNow Photo Contest Rules

LiveHelpNow is excited to announce the launch of the first #LivePetsNow photo contest! The contest rules are as follows:

  1. Participants must share a photo of themselves and their pet(s) on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram using the hashtag #LivePetsNow within the body of their post.
  2. The body of the post must also include an @ mention for LiveHelpNow (@LiveHelpNow)
  3. Participants need only submit their photo once on any social media channel to qualify. However, posting on more than one social media channel or posting on more than one occaision will increase your chances of winning.
  4. At the end of the month long social media campaign, a winner will be chosen at random using computer software. Please follow our accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for updates.

2019 Winner of the #LivePetsNow Photo Contest

This could be you!

LiveHelpNow will announce the 2019 winner of the #LivePetsNow photo contest by sharing the winner’s submitted photo on all of our social media channels! The winner will also receive free matching LiveHelpNow t-shirts for themselves and their pet. In addition, a donation of up to $1,000 will be made in the winning pet’s name to Last Chance Ranch Animal Rescue.

LiveHelpNow's Furry Friends

Michael Kansky, CEO

& Emma & Mickey, Big Dogs in Charge

Emma, Michael’s beloved Cockapoo, is the Big Dog in charge of his heart and his devoted companion. Michael had never been a dog lover until he met Emma. Mickey the poodle is the Big Dog in charge of taking Michael’s spot in bed. Mickey is always comfortable on Michael’s side of the bed with his wife growls to protect the furry pooch’s position.

Brian Bruce, Developer

& Ella "Angel" Bruce, Snugglelovagus

From the moment Brian got Ella, she has been attached to his hip, or more so his neck. When she's not being the cutest, most perfect angel alive, she's burrowing herself as close as she possibly can to those she loves. She's a cuddler through and through.

Brent Weber, Developer

& Zeke Weber, Happy Wanderer

All it took was one playdate with rescue dog, Zeke, and Brent had a new best friend. Little did Brent know that this cute little oreo would steal his heart with his charming personality, unconditional love, and precocious sense of adventure. Zeke loves walks, meeting new dogs, and lying on his giant bean bag where he presides over the house like a King.

Jessica Wise, Creative Marketing

& Rocky Wise, Kibble Lover

When Jessica met Rocky as a roly-poly puppy in November 2017 it was love at first sight. Much to Jessica’s dismay, Rocky has grown to enjoy destroying paper products and eating $13 yak chews.

Natalya Bucuy, Content Marketing

& Max Bucuy, Handsome Devil

Natalya will never know how many different breeds Max is mixed with, but she knows one thing: he is full of energy and love. Max is a wonderful family dog, and loves to run, play, snuggle, and sniff.

Magnus Sepp, Developer

& Zoey Sepp, Magnus's Shadow

Magnus was always a cat lover, but after careful negotiations from both his wife and kids, he gave in, and they got Zoey. In less than a week's time with her in the house, it was established that Zoey was Magnus’s new shadow. They have been best buds ever since.