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LiveHelpNow Mobile

Use LiveHelpNow on the go! We've got you covered where ever you or your customers may be.

Your customers can simply text you to get help

The LiveHelpNow Text-To-Chat Solution

What does all this have to do with LiveHelpNow? We were hoping you would ask. The answer is everything. Imagine if your prospects and clients could simply send a text to communicate with chat agents. That would be fast, responsive, efficient, and very helpful customer service, right? It’s the kind of service you need to offer because today’s demanding customers are constantly on the move. With LiveHelpNow’s revolutionary SMS (Short Message Service) chat capability, you can keep up with them by offering great customer service via text. It’s simple – all you need is the phone number you already use to support your customers. Mobile customers can get immediate help just by texting, and the texts are routed right to the state-of-the-art LiveHelpNow live chat system. Think how many ways this can help you to help your customers.

Plus, it will save you time and money by shortening the duration of each customer contact. For example, whenever you ship products, you can include your phone number on the package and ask the customer to text you with any questions about the product they just received.

Mobile Friendly Chat, Ticket and Callback Windows

Give your customers the freedom to get support and ask product questions anywhere they roam. LiveHelpNow chat windows are compatible with and responsive to every mobile web browser.

Your operators can use our apps

  • iOS

    Compatible with any iOS device

  • Andriod

    Compatible with Android device

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