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Finally determine the real value of your customer support

Tracking conversions influenced by your customer support agents

How do you spell success? C-o-n-v-e-r-s-i-o-n!

Who wants to be kept in the dark? Certainly not us because we know there’s probably a clown out there somewhere in the darkness. We don’t like clowns.
Know what we do like? Helping our customers. After all, help is our middle name.

In the past, you paid out piles of money for ads, email, and even snail mail campaigns, and waited for results to show up in sales. Even though Live Chat agents greeted your website visitors, you still waited in the darkness for results. Over time, you might get an idea of what worked from coupons that were returned, customer response, or maybe a bump in sales.

Thankfully, those dark days are over. LiveHelpNow Conversion Tracking is the answer.

See exactly which chat sessions, email responses resulted in conversions

Conversions mark a bright moment of success as a lead moves into your sales pipeline. Want to learn exactly what kinds of Chat sessions turn your leads into paying customers? Need focused information about how well Chat agents are converting customers on your website? With Conversion Tracking, you can fully understand your Chat ROI by taking the guesswork out of what scripts work or don’t. There’s no extra charge for this easy-to-use tool, which is included within the LiveHelpNow platform.

Conversion tracking to help in determining customer service budget

LiveHelpNow is the go-to solution for streamlined Live Chat service. We deliver the robust features you need to successfully compete at a cost that can’t be beat. Enjoy real time analytics, multiple modes of access like SMS text-messaging—and Conversion Tracking that gives back full control of your customer service budget as you learn which Chat agents and techniques are really contributing to your business success.

Don’t wait in the dark—it’s long past time to shine a light on your sales funnel and your customer service budget with Conversion Tracking. If you don’t already use LiveHelpNow, take advantage of our free, full-featured, 14-day trial to find out what you—and your Chat agents—might be missing.

Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops.