Android App for the Live Chat System

Jan 11, 2013 | 3 comments

Our new Android App is now available to LiveHelpNow Live Chat System subscribers in the Google Play Store free of charge!

We offer the top rated live chat system for websites, accessible in the palm of your hand.

Chat with new visitors and returning customers anytime and anywhere you please.

Put that data plan to work-
Generate leads, close sales, and provide outstanding customer service with our easy to use fully featured live chat App.


Features that help you do more.

Proactively invite browsing visitors to chat. Chat with multiple visitors simultaneously. Send canned messages effortlessly. Also available in iPhone flavor.

Pick and choose visitors you’d like to chat with.

Agents using the LiveHelpNow Android App can monitor visitor activity-
and gain access detailed visitor information including country of origin, referrer, navigation history, and a history of previous chats with the visitor.

Chat with other agents & transfer live chats seamlessly.

You can send operator-to-operator messages, use our patent pending Whisper Technology to coach other agents, and transfer chats seamlessly between operators.


Here at LiveHelpNow we are dedicated to providing you simply the best solutions for customer engagement.


  • Bert Leen

    If you plan on making use of the software offered by the push page to redirect the visitor’s browser to a particular page of your website, such as eAssistance Pro live chat software is perfect tool for increasing the visitor’s on your website and also available in 30 day free subscription.

  • Kevin Courtemanche

    I’ve been using this app with our trial account and so far it seems very robust. There are a couple of functional changes I would like to suggest, however. For starters it would be nice if we had the ability to customize the information that appears in the visitors list. Personally speaking, I would like to at least be able to see which page the visitor is on just by glancing at the visitor list. The other thing I would like to see is fewer taps to get from the visitor listing to the visitor info screen. Right now, the user has to tap the visitor in the list (which brings you to the proactive chat screen), then the menu button, then more info. I think it would be more user friendly if tapping the visitor in the visitor list first brought you to the more info screen and then on that screen have buttons for recent pages and proactive chat. I realize that this app just came out a few months ago and you probably have changes you are already working on. Nice job for a first release.

    • These are excellent suggestions!
      We will create a ticket to have development implement them ASAP.
      Thank you for your valuable feedback!

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