Adam’s Story

Franklin Hill Vineyards has been in Adam’s family since he was a baby. He knows more about growing grapes than anything else. His experiences, starting with picking grapes for the harvest as a young boy, to today as the farm manager, have made the difference in producing quality wines.

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Why Customer Service Matters to Adam

Franklin Hills

Adam’s knows his experience as a farmer and wine maker give his wines superior taste and quality. Adam’s history, techniques and passion add value to his wine and gives customers a reason to buy his products instead of others.

LiveHelpNow Makes Adam’s Customer Relationships Personal

“A conversation about what we do, why we do it and how we do it is what makes our customers choose us. Customers buy an artisan experience from us. In this day and age, buying from a person who produced a product from concept to completion is a rare thing, and our customers appreciate the knowledge, care and passion that we put into our wine. We start relationships with our customers and those relationships maintain repeat business and grow our business through traveling word of mouth referrals. LiveHelpNow helps us do that in an ecommerce setting setting, giving us an advantage over our competitors that we have never had in the past. Our product is something you usually buy with the help of a conversation and thanks to LiveHelpNow, our customers no longer have to visit our winery to have a discussion that leads to a purchase and a satisfied customer."