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Real-time support solution that’s super fast and oh so reliable.

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Our flexible ticketing platform is a cinch to use for any agent.

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Speed up all your support processes with integrated FAQ pages.

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Plugins & Integrations
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Don't wait for results

Top rated Customer service software offering financial grade security, intelligent skill routing, real-time CSAT scores and numerous automations.

Our FAQ dashboard lets customer service agents answer tough questions fast.

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The most innovative live chat suite with numerous patents in the space such as Whisper Technology offering real-time monitoring and coaching of agents.

Our Auto Translator gives agents the power to speak any language instantly.

Don't wait for innovation

LiveHelpNow is top rated help desk software 7 years running. #84 on Inc. 500 fastest growing companies list

Our SMS, live chat and support ticket tools connect agents with customers in real time.

Looking for a way to improve your call center efficiency? Check out Live Help Bot

Your Customers Need Help. Right Now.

There’s work to be done. Our tools make it easy. So quit just standing there. Time waits for no one.

Chat / SMS

Getting real-time help is easier than you think. Get on with it.

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Support Ticket

Fast, flexible, foolproof, multi-brand ticketing support platform.

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FAQ / Self service KB

Life is short. Don’t waste time solving the same problems twice.

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Features spotlight

Some important features worth mentioning.


Now we're talking. Transform your agents with our complete set of seamlessly integrated help desk tools such as Live chat, Support Ticket, Knowledge base and CRM .

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Enterprise Reporting

Flexible reports, anything from website statistics to agent productivity

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Instant Language

Give agents the power to speak any language instantly!

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This person gets it.

“Between the quality of the package and the enthusiasm of the people behind it, I feel like the sky’s the limit with this company.”

- Joel Levin, VP of Support, Final Draft

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We Thought of Everything.

Our tools work seamlessly with your favorite plug-ins and platforms.
Yep, you’re running out of excuses.

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Is your customer service team overwhelmed or your Social Media strategy foundering?

LiveHelpNow partnered with HelpSquad to offer live chat sales and support teams for your business

24/7 Live Chat Coverage: Cost-effective pricing means you can use HelpSquad's highly trained and efficient live chat agents as an extension of your brand.

Your own knowledge base: HelpSquad will analyze your product and brand to create professional messaging guidelines and content that suits your business tone and objectives

Analytics: HelpSquad loves analytics so that you don’t have to. HelpSquad offers you easy-to-understand site data from Google Analytics, SEO updates, customer intelligence and heatmap reports.

customer service metrics
24/7 Live Chat Check out HelpSquad today

LiveHelpNow Challenge

Wouldn’t you like to receive monthly feedback on the quality and quantity of your customer service with exact instructions on how to improve it? Now you can use gamification to do just that — with no added cost or work.

The LiveHelpNow Challenge compiles and pushes your real-world customer service results and feedback to your dashboard daily.

Each month the Challenge ranks the top 100 companies providing excellent customer service. If your company ranks from a field of more than 10,000, you get bragging rights.

Our agent challenge grades individual agents based on the same metrics so you can recognize the superstars on your team – and find out who needs more training.

customer service metrics

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The most comprehensive customer service suite says "Why wait?"

Waiting is for lobbies and bus stops.

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