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You need a customer service software that is as dynamic and functional as your unique style. Customize it to fit your website, and be in touch with your clients at any time of the day. Keep track of sales, generate an FAQ page, and make yourself fully available to those who depend on your expertise.

Review of LiveHelpNow 2.0

LiveHelpNow - Customer Service Software for Personal Shoppers that lets your website do the talking!

Showcase your product knowledge

As a personal shopper, you know that product knowledge is key. With the knowledge base, you can help your clients by providing the most up-to-date information about different products they may want to purchase. Knowledgebase can pull information from multiple sources and allows you to redirect that information to your clients who can then easily search and navigate it.

Communicate directly with your customers 24/7/365

Livechat will help you bring in new customers while you give more personal service to your current customers. Using live chat, you can communicate with your customers, day or night. Paired with knowledgebase, live chat is a powerful tool that enhances your ability to provide excellent customer service through the quick, accurate resolution of customer issues and inquiries. 

Manage time more efficiently

Time management is another crucial component to being a good personal shopper. Using the e-mail ticketing system, you can prioritize which customers need your service before others. This enables you to provide better service for your existing clients, while not neglecting new ones.

Proactively help current and potential clients

Using your own website, live chat now offers you the ability to proactively help current and potential clients find out what services you offer and what products you are likely to recommend. It also allows you to chat with them based on their searches and browsing habits. When paired with a well populated knowledge base, this gives you the ability to answer any questions your customer may have as well as anticipate your customer’s every need.

Easily searchable Knowledge Base

Knowledgebase will allow you to store your customer names and information, which you can access at the click of a mouse. It also provides you with an easily searchable database. For instance, if you have a customer who loves a particular brand of chocolate, but you can’t remember what it is, enter the customer’s name and browse all of their previous shopping information. Gives your customers the accurate, personalized service that they need, and they will keep coming back for more.

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Knowledge Base
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Call Management
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We recently switched to LiveHelpNow for our email, chat and knowledge base service. We were immediately impressed by two things: One, how much out-of-the-box functionality they provide for such a reasonable price and two, how eager they are to help. The package is powerful, extensible, easy to use and customizable and the staff are smart, friendly and professional.


Joel Levin, Vice President,
Technical Support, Final Draft, Inc.


Our business has been using live help now for approximately 6 months now. I have seen other businesses use Chat on their websites and wanted to give it a try. We are so impressed with how simple it was to install within our website and the amount of information available.


Tammy Smith,