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LiveHelpNow connects you with business travelers quickly and efficiently. Business travelers have high expectations and you can start a relationship at the moment they need you. Help them directly with their travel plans and questions. Give them the experience that they want and need. Our basic package is affordable and user-friendly, so get started today.

Review of LiveHelpNow 2.0

LiveHelpNow - Customer Service Software for the Business Travel industry that lets your website do the selling!

Help your agency get more conversions

LiveHelpNow helps improve relationships between business travelers and your travel agency. By using live chat, an agent can chat directly with any business traveler who is accessing your website. This type of direct access to your potential customers can lead to higher customer satisfaction and help your agency improve conversions. 

Let us show you how our knowledgebase can help you

Business travelers are more likely to rely on a travel site that allows them to help themselves. Keyword searches that search through the knowledgebase will bring up to date and more accurate results than standard searches and live chat allows your company’s representatives to help customers directly, all while pulling information from your populated, updated knowledgebase.

Increase customer satisfaction

By using the e-mail ticketing system, your travel agency can prioritize requests and any customer complaints in a much more efficient manner than if they were using a standard answering service. Not only will this ticketing system allow your agency to communicate effectively with customers, but it also increases customer satisfaction through the efficient tracking of travel arrangements and bookings.

Increase your sales rate

The live chat feature in LiveHelpNow’s suite of tools allows representatives to communicate directly with potential business travelers who are accessing your web site. For instance, if a customer is browsing your web site looking at different travel packages, your employees can actually offer to help that customer directly and guide them to a package that suits their needs. This alone will help the customer make a quicker decision and result in a higher sales rate through your proactivity.

Provide the best customer service possible

Customer service is important in any industry, but the travel industry is unique. With so many options available to customers, agencies must take extra steps to set themselves apart from everyone else. Using livechat to provide insightful suggestions, or knowledge base to provide more accurate keyword search results are only two ways that LiveHelpNow can help. This web-based, interactive tool will help provide the best customer service possible through all phases of the sales process.

Increase Sales Now!
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Turn your website into a selling machine. Engage visitors, convert them into customers, and keep them coming back for more with our award winning suite of tools.

Live Chat
Engage visitors, generate leads, and delight customers.
Email-Ticket Management
Track customer inquiries and eliminate email mess.
Knowledge Base
Provide customers with all the information they need in order to make a confident purchase.
Call Management
Capture calls and never miss another sales opportunity.

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We recently switched to LiveHelpNow for our email, chat and knowledge base service. We were immediately impressed by two things: One, how much out-of-the-box functionality they provide for such a reasonable price and two, how eager they are to help. The package is powerful, extensible, easy to use and customizable and the staff are smart, friendly and professional.


Joel Levin, Vice President,
Technical Support, Final Draft, Inc.


Our business has been using live help now for approximately 6 months now. I have seen other businesses use Chat on their websites and wanted to give it a try. We are so impressed with how simple it was to install within our website and the amount of information available.


Tammy Smith,