How Solopreneurs Can Be Customer Service Whizzes

By Katie

Customer service is a kind of job that takes up a lot of time and energy. And because of the nature of the job, it involves plenty of human interaction.

Now that’s all well and good for a big company, or even for a small business. But what if you are a single person business, or a solopreneur? You can’t afford to spend the entire day on customer service, can you? You have to wear a number of hats: manage sales, marketing, operations, invoicing and training.

Where’s the time?

Thankfully, there are a number of ways for a solopreneur to provide a level of customer service that matches, or even beats that provided by the big boys. Thanks to social media and cloud services there are a number of services (both free and paid) that can take a lot of load off your shoulders and make you lot more productive and efficient.

Let’s dive in. (more…)

Why a good knowledge base can be a game changer for software vendors

By Katie


A knowledge base is not merely something that’s nice to have if you offer software products and services.

It’s as crucial as pushing regular updates, incorporating newer features and ensuring that you have solid uptime if you are operating in a cloud based environment.

Knowledge base is not the same as a help document or a manual. A good knowledge base functions more like a wiki in that it can be regularly updated by multiple contributors and its contents accurately reflect the needs and concerns of users.

A good knowledge base is a living, breathing thing.

So how do you, a software company with hundreds or thousands of users go about building one that is actually useful?


Don’t let shopping cart abandonment kill your ecommerce store

By Katie

Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Wanna know the biggest problem e-commerce sites are dueling with?

It’s not inventory, shipping or logistics. It’s shopping cart abandonment (65.23% rate!).

Let’s imagine that right now, at this very moment, a woman named Linda is browsing for T shirts on your site.

Linda sees several T-shirts that she likes and  finally settles on three . The items have been added to the card but she suddenly gets cold feet at the checkout page. She has a number of questions, and there’s no quick way to get answers.

What if the colors on the screen and the color in real life look different? Would she have to jump through hoops to return it?

What are the shipping charges?

What are the guarantees? And why are there no customer reviews?

Normally, in a brick and mortar store Linda can get  answers immediately. But in this context, and especially if Linda is a first time buyer and not very tech savvy  she might simply abandon the cart.

And not only would you lose the sale, but you will also forfeit the marketing costs that brought Linda over in the first place. (more…)

5 tips for organizing your knowledge base

By Katie

So you have decided to start a knowledge base. Smart choice! But a knowledge base can’t be established simply by installing

5 ways to direct users to self help options on your site

By Katie

Previously on this blog we have covered why it’s smarter to invest in self help options instead of making users

5 principles that make multitasking with live chat easier

By Katie

Is the FAQ on your site really helping customers?

By Katie

FAQ for customer serviceYou might have been hearing a lot of talk about how a well written FAQ can be a powerful customer service asset. And it is true- customers and prospects really do appreciate a well written FAQ section.

If you are using a solution like our Ticket System or our Chat System you already have a list of questions that are frequently asked. That is one part of the job, but it’s not the most important part.

The trick is to write your FAQ in such a way that it’s useful, can sustain reader interest and does not leave them with more questions than they started with.

Additionally, to automate large parts of the workflow, organize and update it regularly and save time you can use solutions like our Knowledge Base. This system is a great resource, especially when you will need to maintain a massive knowledge base.

So here are some guidelines for writing great FAQs


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