Announcing Live Chat Sentiment Analysis!

Feb 04, 2015 | 3 comments

LiveHelpNow is proud to announce the release of an amazing new feature, Sentiment Analysis!

LiveHelpNow continues to be an innovator in the customer service software space, providing unique solutions to improve sales and customer relationship management. As a company, LiveHelpNow truly believes it is time for business owners and customers to expect more from the merchant/customer relationship.

Live chat sentiment analysis
Live chat sentiment analysis by LiveHelpNow

We are changing the approach to customer satisfaction and retention with “Sentiment Analysis.” Live Chat Sentiment Analysis automatically notifies managers when a customer is unhappy with their live chat interaction with a customer service representative, without the customer ever filling out a survey or filing a compliant. Sentiment Analysis reads the tone of a conversation, using fuzzy logic, between a service representative and customer, automatically alerting managers when an interaction is less than favorable.

This feature gives managers instant damage control that was previously unattainable. Most customer service managers don’t know when a problem arises until a customer brings it to their attention, usually long after an interaction has taken place. With sentiment analysis, a manager can reach out to a customer before they’ve even decided that their experience was truly negative, and help create a positive experience instead.

Chat sentiment detection may be enabled in Admin Panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window, select a chat window and scroll down to enable chat sentiment for the chat window. You may optionally specify an email to email negative sentiment chat transcripts to.
You may also see chat sentiment analysis in Analytics->Chat sentiment analysis report.

All of us here at LiveHelpNow are super excited to make this valuable feature available to our clients!


  • This looks very interesting.
    What score will result in an email to the manager? Will we be able to change that score according to business needs (I can see we don’t currently have that option)?

    • Hey there Tash!
      Chat sessions scored below 3.00 will be emailed to the configured for negative sentiment email address.
      This setting is not configurable but was chosen carefully based on the formula we used for sentiment calculation.
      Give it a go! I am confident you will find it very accurate and super helpful!

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