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6 smart and cost effective strategies for getting loyal customers

By Katie

6 things service reps should do when an angry customer calls

By Katie

When you are running a business you won’t be able to please all customers no matter how hard you try.

6 tips on turning customer feedback into business intelligence

By Katie

Is the FAQ on your site really helping customers?

By Katie

FAQ for customer serviceYou might have been hearing a lot of talk about how a well written FAQ can be a powerful customer service asset. And it is true- customers and prospects really do appreciate a well written FAQ section.

If you are using a solution like our Ticket System or our Chat System you already have a list of questions that are frequently asked. That is one part of the job, but it’s not the most important part.

The trick is to write your FAQ in such a way that it’s useful, can sustain reader interest and does not leave them with more questions than they started with.

Additionally, to automate large parts of the workflow, organize and update it regularly and save time you can use solutions like our Knowledge Base. This system is a great resource, especially when you will need to maintain a massive knowledge base.

So here are some guidelines for writing great FAQs


5 tips on motivating your help desk employees – Part 2

By Katie

Involving customer service dept in decisionsThis is part 2 of a two part series about motivating your help desk department. Part 1 is here.

In the last blog post I talked about why a company needs to keep the morale of the customer service department high if it wants to perform well.

I also outlined five things companies can do in the short term to make sure that helpdesk employees can do their job efficiently.

However, short term fixes will only go so far. Companies will also have to take action over the mid to long term and change their corporate culture  and create a different image of themselves if they want to become more customer service employee friendly.


5 tips on motivating your help desk employees – Part 1

By Katie

Sell baby sell – customer service and lead generation, redefined

By Michael Kansky

The day before yesterday I was shopping online. More specifically, I was looking for some rock climbing shoes as some

Are you missing your 3 am phone call?

By Michael Kansky

By this time you are looking pretty good in the customer service department if you have implemented Live Chat, a

How to slash thousands of dollars from customer service budgets..

By Michael Kansky

and deliver the same levels of service as before? This post is meant for you if you have a website

Customer email management giving you nightmares? Here’s your shining knight

By Michael Kansky

The case of the missing shoes Robert is window shopping for shoes online. He lands on a store and likes

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