Month: March 2012

7 ways you can stop customers from getting buyer’s remorse

By Katie

iPhone App for the Live Chat System

By Michael Kansky

Our new iPhone App is now available to LiveHelpNow Live Chat System subscribers in the iPhone App Store free of

6 cross selling and up selling tactics that work

By Katie

“Would you like fries with that?”

These are some of the most common words spoken in fast food restaurants in the country, and they account for a significant percentage of the 2 billion servings of fries consumed by Americans.

This is cross selling at its finest, and it nets the fast food restaurant industry hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

And if you want to get an example of how up selling works , I have got one word for you- Supersize. During the time Supersizing was in action, McDonald’s probably made enough cash to fill up several Olympic size swimming pools.

So if cross selling and up selling can deliver blockbuster revenues for the fast food industry, can’t these techniques boost your sales numbers?

Sure they can, if you don’t mess it up.


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